The Standard Suspended Platform

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This company is your one stop destination to find the best Suspended Platform (SRP), also known by other names such as Gondola or cradle platform used extensively for essential facility management work like tower maintenance platform.  These are also being widely used in different countries for performing various applications at heights for jobs like painting, external wall plastering, installing glass panels, maintenance of external surfaces etc. Initially the market was limited to big facade contractors, but today you get the best suspended platforms that scores high on quality as well as cost-effective price.


This company has been the leader in this sector for so many years and have successfully collaborated with many businessmen across the globe. Most of the contractors have replaced their unsafe scaffolding with safe and reliable rope suspended platforms from us. So, wait no more and contact the expert of wholesale facade cleaning cradle by visiting and check out the range of products that comprises ZLP Suspended Platform, LTP 10P traction hoist, false car, fall arrestor, all offered for such amazing cost-effective ranges that will ensure that your business gains the best ROI for the investment.

Reach out at +8651083317171 for more details about suspended platforms.

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