Hanging Platforms

Area/Neighbourhood: Wuxi, China

Access Better Safety and Reliability for Your Work with Hanging Platforms


If you are searching for the most reliable and scaffold systems that must contains rich quality features in the form of rope break, overload sensor and powerful electrical control system then you need to have a professional suspension platform.

Comes with the superior qualities and extra ordinary, reliable and advanced level of suspension, the cradle machine can deliver you a lot of features. Also, you will get best possible safety features in this model for your employees regarding various cleaning and construction services.

Get some room to move

• With hanging scaffolding systems you will get tools & materials hoisted up very well up-to the extent of desired height.

• You will get no comprise with the overall productivity without any restriction to the supply lines.

• Easily transport heavy loads up-to 2700 kg both up and down.

• You will get ample space for the tools, personnel, materials etc. together with the features to operate within the same area without any discomfort

• Efficiently maintain your window cleaning and construction needs

Apply absolute safety

You will be able to reduce the overall risk associated with the maintenance & construction of skyscrapers or high rise buildings. Without reducing the employee satisfaction at work sites, the suspended platforms will provide you leading platform aluminum cradle that can be customized to get excellent features as per the site’s requirements.

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