24v Submersible Dc Water Pump with Controller 35w/45w

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24V Submersible DC Water Pump, Ultra-quiet, safe and energy-saving, comes with a controller for operation. Full DC variable-frequency control, safe and low voltage, long service life.



Voltage: 24VPower: 45W, 35WDC Aquarium Water Pump Details:

- Made of ABS.

- Size: As pictures showed

- Color: Gold

- Input: 100V~240V----2.0A 50/60Hz

- Output: 24.0V----2.5A

- Waterproof: IPX8

- Power: 35W/45W

- Max (Lift height): 35W

- 3.5m/11.5ft 45W

- 4m/13ft

- Max. Water Flow:

35W - 4000L/H

45W - 6000L/H

- Power cord length: 5m


DC Aquarium Water Pump Feature:

1. Made of ABS, baking finished surface, anti-stamping, anti-sticking effect, heat resistance, beautiful and stylish, safe and non-toxic.

2. With wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft, longer operation life.

3. Full DC variable-frequency control, safe low voltage, super energy saving.

4. Equipped with multi-size nozzles, high lift-height, controllable water flow, super quiet.

5. Amphibious: the water inlet and outlet are able to connect with water pipes. Pump body can be immersed in water or not immersed.

6. Easy Feeding: It will stop running for 10 minutes for feeding, humanization function.

7. Removable mesh cover, easy to install, easy to clean, no need for tool removal, effective filtration of impurities.

8. 35W DC pump = 85W ordinary submersible pump; 45W DC pump = 110W ordinary submersible pump.

The effect is stronger than other power pumps, and the electricity bill can be saved back in about 8 months.

9. Error report, the controller will alarm "Bi-Bi":

- E1: Lack of water.

- E2: Lack of phase.

- E3: Overload.

Please refer to the manual for details.

10. Suitable for seawater and freshwater.


DC Aquarium Water Pump Attention:

1. It only fits for indoor use.

2. Controller and Adapter are not waterproof, should be far away from water.

3. Do not lift the pump by the cable, avoid the wiring broken.

4. Please do not open or repair the controller and adapter by yourself.

5. Package: 35W comes with 1*nozzle. 45W comes with 3*nozzles.


DC Aquarium Water Pump Cleaning and Maintenance:

1. Please clean regularly to ensure its effective operation.

2. Please keep surface of the controller dry to prevent water from entering it.

3. When the pump does not turn, first check if the controller is energized, then pull out the pump base backward and turn the front cover counterclockwise to check for dirt inside the pump.


Our dc water pump price is $129.99.

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