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Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. ,the paper lantern company, originated from the Zigong Lantern Festival. Committed to spreading Chinese traditional culture and sharing the lantern culture of hometown with friends from all over the world. The company's production base is located in Da'an District, Zigong, and a branch has been established in Guangzhou. The company focuses on the production of various festive lanterns, dragon boat, snowing lantern, street lantern light and landscape sculpture products and has a stable art design team and construction team to provide customers with high-quality lanterns. Provide customers with services such as lighting exhibition consulting, design, production, customization, and exhibition.

There are various kinds of architectural lanterns with a strong sense of design. Architecture is the symbol of urban modernization, the witness and trace of urban development, and the image of the city,From ancient architectural culture to modern architectural style, architecture lantern leads you to witness the evolution of The Times. The details of architectural lanterns are strict, and every size and detail needs to be strictly controlled to reflect the design charm of the building. The lantern building allows people to entertain and relax after work, stroll and appreciate different styles of architectural art and appearance.

And various styles of architecture are presented in front of us. If you want to get a close look at and touch the city's landmark buildings, there are building lights to help you out. The huge lantern buildings are all made by hand. Each type of building has a steel frame structure to ensure the stability of the lantern buildings. After continuous improvement, we finally choose to adopt them. The building lantern uses the bright-coloured colour satin, the light transmittance is good. Waterproof and sunblock can be used for outdoor exhibition for 1-2 months.

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