Non-return Aquarium Co2 Bubble Counter

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1. Made of Acrylic, acid and alkali resistance, no erosion, high transparency.

2. Bubble counter can be connected with any CO2 setup system, it helps to count the amount of Co2 injected.


Description of our best co2 bubble counter

Product Details:

- Material: Acrylic

- Size: As the picture shows


Product Feature:

1. High-quality Acrylic material CO2 counter. Decompose CO2 into small, fine bubbles.

2. It can increase CO2 dissolution rate, high diffusion efficiency.

3. It is helpful for the photosynthesis of aquatic plants.

4. Use non - blocking, the flow is even, function two in one, beauty does not take up space.

5. Single and double head design to meet your different needs.


Sweet tip:

1. The bubbler must be set vertically.

2. Please inject a small amount of water before using the bubble counter.

3. Please connect the check valve first if you want to connect the oxygen pump.

4. It is suitable for internal diameter 4mm pipe.


Package Included: 1x CO2 counter

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