Guangzhou Translator English Chinese

Price: 1 CNY/Day/Night

Hello Everyone,

My name is David and I'm a native of Guangzhou - China.

I have grown up in Guangzhou and therefore I know all the markets well. I also have connections with many factories of all types of different products. I can help you with many things in China such as exporting as well as being your personal guide/translator.

I can help with these things


Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

Help you to check your products before sending overseas

Finding Factories

Booking a chauffeur/car to visit different factories or markets

Preparing all export and customs documents

I have learnt English at school and as a major at University, so communication is not a problem.

My price is extremely low, so please contact me to ask any question.

If you need my help in anything, write me an email or call me.

[...] or 18620471746

See you soon


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