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We are Guangzhou Timely Service Team, founded in 2013, is located in Taojin CBD of Guangzhou. Timely offer one-stop professional business services.Company Registration,Visa Service, Hong kong Bank Account Opening Service,Tax&Accounting, Driver License, etc. Our company a specialist in guiding enterprises to start & expand their operations in China market. Contact us today, we always give you an honest and timely response to your situations.
We insists on providing efficient visa service for foreigners in Guangzhou or around city! We can help to do the services as follows:

l M visa Business extension visa service;

l Student residence permit extension visa service;

l Work permit /Residence permit/ family residence permit service;

l Q/S Family Visa in Guangzhou and Hong kong(3-6-12month);

l China Green card application;

Know more details about Work permit /Residence permit/ family residence permit service;



Two ways to apply for work permit in Guangzhou.

l Self employs - Register company by yourself


l By others - Have company employs you


Work permit Category

Category A for top talents (Get 3-5 years work visa)


Category B for foreign professionals whom have Bachelor or above education (Get 1-2 years work visa)


Category C for other foreign personnel (Get 6 months to 1 year work visa)


Main documents required:

l Highest Education Certificate

l No-criminal Record

l Work Experience Certificate



Step 1st  Submit documents, applying for working Approval Notice ( takes 15 working days)

Step 2nd  Apply for Z Visa (Usually 7 working days)

Step 3rd  Working Permit Card (Takes 10 working days)

Step 4th  Residence Permit (Takes 7 working days)


It takes about 2 months to complete the whole procedures.


Once get the working residence permit, your family (such as your parents, wife, children) can apply for family residence permit as well, they can live in Guangzhou legally with you.


For more details, welcome to contact with us.


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