2 Slice Toaster with 50s Retro Aesthetic St032

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We are a professional kitchen appliances supplier, providing kitchen appliances online sale, including 2 slice toaster with 50s retro aesthetic st032

7 browning shade settings and so on, you can contact us to get cheap kitchen appliances online.


The 7 baking colors of this retro toaster 2 slice also represent different baking times: 90S, 111S, 131S, 158S, 181S, 212S and 242S. The color changes from light yellow to burnt. We recommend you use Setting 3 or Setting 4 daily to bake to a golden yellow and crispy taste. For bagels, you can also choose these 7 levels of baking colors to customize your own baking taste.


Bagel/Cancel/Defrost- Functions & High Lift

Cancel : One button to stopping all toasting operation

Bagel: Bake bagels on one side

Defrost : Thawing frozen breads


Press the lift to start baking. When the bread is stuck during the automatic pop-up process, you can take out the bread through the high lift. Also small bread can be easily taken out through the lift.


Cool Touch Surface

There is a storage space for the power cord at the bottom of this 2 slice toaster. You can completely store the 89 cm long power cord to the bottom after use to make your kitchen countertop look neat and clean.

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