Transparent Led Screen

Transparent LED Screen Solutions

Transparent screen is a forward step innovation version of LED strip screen. Transparent screen solution has features of intelligent control, high transparency, high refresh rate, and DIY installation.


With many years of experience in LED, we led display solution supplier have engaged in the research and development of multiple large LED stage projects, implementation of the project, as well as on-site command in China and abroad. Over the years we have been insisting the product development and design of the LED display market, accumulating a lot of valuable experience in product development and field applications. Through cooperation and communication with a number of domestic excellent LED manufacturers and equipment providers, our products are successfully used in the Olympic Games, World Expo and broadcast live on large-scale projects and so on. With stable products, excellent service and excellent positioning, we receive a high degree of recognition from customers.

YDEA is committed to providing customers with the best led display control for the professional companies.

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