3 in 1 cnc woodturning lathe knives for wood lathing


3 in 1 cnc woodturning lathe knives for wood lathing
This wood lathe knife tool is a newest design knife for CNC wood turning lathe machine. We called it 3 in 1 wood lathe knife. It includes chisel tool steel knife body, alloy steel knife blade, and chisel tool steel knife pressure clamp plate. Lower price, but you are using a alloy steel knife, long time using.
Alloy Steel Woodturning Knife Material: 
Knife holder: chisel tool steel
Knife blade: alloy steel
Size: 25*25*200mm
Blade tip radius: 0.5mm
Blade Hardness: 67-69 HRC  (Harder than HSS 60-66HRC)
These 3 in 1 cnc woodturning lathe knives are widely used for softwood and semi-hardwood lathing.
RicoCNC also supplies carbide cnc lathe knives for hardwood, semi-hardwood turning and HSS lathe knives for copy lathe woodworking cnc machine.
All these CNC wood lather knives are have in stock for quick delivery.
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