Clean Room Door

Our company clean room door factory offer clean room doors include metal door (aluminum frame plus PCGI door), steel door (steel frame PCGI door) and HPL door (HPL sandwich panel and aluminum or steel frame). According to the switch mode of the door, it can be divided into pull/push door and sliding door.
Our clean room doors are compatible with any level of clean room and can be customized to your needs. Wonzone use high quality steel to make the door and double seal on all sides to prevent leakage and contamination. We offer features such as custom sizes and colors, electronic locks and cleaning strips.
In order to form a complete set for all levels of clean room, purification room, dust-free room, trailer and other places uses color plate partition. Around double sealing, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation. Color plate or stainless steel plate can be used to customize different size of clean door, locks, color of color steel, door strip and etc, all of which can be configured in accordance with the requirements.

Wonzone is a professional manufacturer of custom clean room rock wool panel, including sandwich panel, ceiling grid system, cleanroom glass panel, door and window system, pass box, air shower and etc. In the industry of Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Food, Military, Solar, Chemical and etc. work on cleanroom design, production for 15 years. we offer the plan and service for cleanroom and that is professional and economical.


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