Performance and Price of Pu Sandwich Panel

Performance comparison of Pu sandwich board ,rock wool and glass wool composite board
Due to the improvement of fire protection requirements for buildings, the market situation of rock wool composite board and glass wool composite board with better flame retardant grade is better in recent years.
Rock wool and glass wool composite board is based on inorganic fibers as insulation core material, although it has A-grade flame retardant performance, but the gap between fibers naturally forms air passage (air gap), which intensifies the heat conduction effect of the inner and outer layers, and seriously affects the thermal insulation performance of the board.
Rockwool and glass wool composite boards meet the flame retardant requirements of the board, while abandoning the requirement of energy-saving board for thermal insulation, is a trade-off method, and the shape of the board is poor, so it can only be used as transitional board.

Pu Panel Price performance advantage 
Most people agree with the quality and effect of PU board, but hold back its price. We make a cost comparison, assuming that the price of PU plate (steel plate 0.5mm, PU density 42kg/m3) is 140 yuan/m2;
EPS plate (internal and external steel plate 0.4mm, EPS density 7kg/m3, commonly used specifications) selling price 50 yuan/m2;
Rock wool board (internal and external steel plate 0.5mm) selling price 90 yuan/m2;
Because PU plate has good flexural capacity, it can reduce the amount of secondary steel (C, Z section) and installation labor cost (about 19.5 yuan/m2).
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