Pir Sandwich Panel


PIR core introduction: Polyisocyanurate foam refers to a foamed plastic containing an isocyanurate ring in its molecular structure. In addition, with the excellent thermal insulation properties of polyurethane rigid foam and the advantage of good strength at low density, it is common with ordinary. Compared with polyurethane rigid foam, its most obivious feature is its good flame retardant performance and temperature resistance. Especially its better flame retardant performance, which has attracted wide attention. Therefore, it has been obtained at home and abroad in recent years with its rapid development.
The Advantages of PIR Sandwich Panel pir panel cost
Production Advantages:
1.Thermal insulation;
2.Light weight;
3.Better smoothness;
4.Water proof , wet proof;
5.No poison , no smell.

1.We can offer the customized service for our customers including the thickness of the panel, the length, the color and so on, also can provide different choice for customer.
2.We have our own factory and know the raw material market in China ,the pir panel manufacturers provide the excellent quality materials and the reasonable price to us, so we can also offer our customer workable price.
3.Over years, WONZONE have been engaged in the clean room industry, and we pay more attention to detail, so we invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the research and development of products, and we hope to make the clean room better and better in order to meet or exceed the user's use requirements.



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