Biodegradable Food Container


Compostable Food Containers Wholesale

Biodegradable eco-friendly food containers from Easy Green include a full range of molded fiber pulp compostable bases with clear anti-fog transparent lids, offering everything from soup bowls and containers with different shapes and capacities.




Food Container With Lid

Easy Green provide base and lid together, and they can be packed into one carton or can be packed separately.

Compartment Container

Compartment containers allow food to be packed separately so that no juices are mixed.


Clamshell Container

Clamshell container from Easy Green have perfect and safe lock design, which can prevent food leakage.


Salad Container

Salad containers from Easy Green are round pulp bowls which have clear anti-fot lid for 24, 32, 48 oz.


Deli Container

Deli containers from Easy Green are suitable for serving roasted chicken, soup noodle, pasta, and other hot foods.



Various Materials

We have various materials of food containers, such as plastic salad box, pulp sushi tray, paper window box, sugarcane lunch box, and aluminum compartment tray.


Support Customization

We support customization. Customers can print their own logos on the food containers,the size and color of the food containers can be changed according to customer needs.


As one of biodegradable food packaging manufacturers, we can offer kinds of biodegradable food packaging wholesale, if you are interested, please leave us a message.


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