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Easy Green high durable disposable plastic food container is made of high quality material, which is food grade products and is safe to use. There're several types of plastic containers, such as plastic food container, plastic tray, plastic bowl and plastic accessories. Easy Green's plastic products can meet different needs.



Different Types of Disposable Plastic Containers

Plastic Containers

Plastic take out containers is one of Easy Green hot sales series, some of plastic box is with clear anti-fog lid and some of plastic lunch container has compartments.


Plastic Tray

Plastic tray for food packaging from Easy Green can be with clear anti-fog lid, which has good locking and can hold food in tray. With different sharpe and color, Easy Green's plastic tray can be more attactive.


Plastic Bowl

Round plastic bowl is with crystal clear anti-fog lid, which can see food inside the bowl clearly. Also it is good at locking, so no soup, food or liquid will be leak.


Plastic Accessories

Disposable plastic spoon, fork and knife has different sharpes and color, which meet various catering's need. It is made of food contact material and is biodegradable.



Suitable for Various Occasions

Easy Green plastic food containers are suitable for camping, party, picnic, restaurant, catering, canteen, event and wedding. Such as plastic disch is hot for parties and wedding.


Good at Taking Away

With good locking lid and design, eco-friendly disposable plastic food container for lunch and dinner is easy to take away. And it is good at oil-proof and water-proof, it's a good food grade plastic box with lid.


Now the price of eco friendly food packaging wholesale is affordable, if you have needs, please contact us.


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