Jean-luc Flabeau : The lie to better divide!



  • on the one hand, Jean-Luc Flabeau (President National Federation) Vincent Reynier (President ECF Paris) and Olivier Salustro (President of the Regional Company of Auditors of Paris, CRCC) vilify the management of the national institution (CNCC) by the IFEC majority particularly during the debates on PACTE,

  • on the other hand, they are close and even very close to the presidential party! Working

Indeed, macronleaks make it possible to follow very regular exchanges between the Chartered Accountants of the EM party (Vincent Reynier and Olivier Salustro) and the Statutory Auditors, in particular Jean-Luc Flabeau and his Group: Fideliance (described on his site: Present in Paris and Ile-de-France, with 300 professionals including 26 partners and achieving a turnover of nearly € 33 million, our group is positioned as one of the top 40 French firms).

Also, while ECF has always wanted the merger of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CSOEC) and Commissioners (CAC), that under the last ECF mandate at CSOEC, the financial audit of Small Entities was emerging (NP 2910) how to be surprised that the PACTE Law puts an end so abruptly to the Statutory Auditor. What were the real intentions of the counsel and auditors of En Marche, in contact with now ministers Cédric O and Julien Denormandie.

The auditors on the ground are struck violently by the decisions of President Macron. ECF has a nice game of typing constantly but it is clear that only the interest of its leaders predominates ...

Does Olivier Salustro not mention on his site a course in the service of market operations carried out for:

  • international groups engaged in acquisitions, mergers, demergers, ...;

  • groups or companies with specific needs during transactions

... far removed from the day-to-day considerations of legal audit professionals serving the economy. The fight waged against Article 9bis, now Article 21 of the PACTE Law, is rather better understood from this angle! All the auditors are not dedicated to “market operations”… Instead of fighting over thresholds and the retention of mandates, most of the action of the Paris CRCC has been focused on the missions of the article 21… forgetting the 20!

When it's time to put a ballot in the electronic ballot box ... Now is the time to think carefully.

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