Franglish - The French/English language exchange event


If you're a native English speaker in Strasbourg, want to learn French and meet locals, you can't miss FRANGLISH.
Franglish is a French/English language exchange event promoting meetings between native English and French speakers, probably the best way to learn French and meet locals in Strasbourg. Non natives fluent in English or French are very welcome to join us !

Discover our format of 1-on-1 conversations that last for 14 min (7min in french, 7min in english). It gives you the opportunity to learn a language and another culture with at least 5 native speakers.

Events take place once a week and are free (tips supported, you give what you want).

Sign up at (signups on the website are required to match the number of French and English speakers)

See you soon
The Franglish Team

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