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VDI Technology

Sphoorti has become one of the best VDI Tool Holder manufacturers and feels lofty of being so. We provide excellent VDI Tool Holders meeting all our client’s specifications. Thus, our customers are free to approach us for high quality VDI Tool Holders, as we are the reliable VDI manufacturers.

Our Company hires highly skilled and experienced tech researchers as well as the development staff members, who can make machined metal parts which are developed as per our customers’ requirements. Our industry also consists of the metrology equipment for the sake of the measurement, including inspection, along with the conventional and high precision instruments to satisfy our large spectrum of our clients. If clients are not satisfied, we are ready to re-design and develop the product again with no extra charges.

VDI Technology Features

  • VDI tool holders are made as per DIN 69880.
  • Tool holders are made by toughened steel C-45 as well as case hardened steel 20MnCr5.
  • Our standard supply will be in toughened steel C-45 for form A, B, C, D, E1, E2, E7, E8 & Z varieties.
  • Case hardened steel 20MnCr5 for form E4 and F varieties.
  • Our standard tool holders are fully blackened.
  • Shank white, teeth white, tool holder seating surface white will be given on request.
  • The tool holder shank portion is heat treated to 58±2 HRC, and the teeth are ground.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing department of Sphoorti, offers the production quality assurance in the whole process, as well as makes the Final QC and package, along with the Shipment, and also Customers documents & logistics are provided.

Our team engages in the manufacturing and supplying of the products to a varied spectrum of VDI tools in order to serve the requirements of the automobile and engineering industries. Wherein, the different numbers of the VDI tools comprises of many holders including the boring bar holder, available in various diameters in high quality standards, and tools are manufactured using quality material, along with the VDI tooling. Our VDI tools are developed out of the high-level primary materials that are available in varied sizes as per our customers’ demands.

Cutting Tool Holders

Sphoorti provides a broad variety of VDI Tool Holders that are apprehended for its quality, reliability as well as for the longer performance. These Cutting Tool Holders have become most popular due to the efficiency and high performance. Also, the product is customized according to the requirements of the industries that send the product orders to us.

We have been involved in manufacturing the holders, which are perfectly formed by flattening the tool little a bit. Due to the high demand in the market, we have been engaged in trading as well as supplying of the qualitative VDI Tool Holders which best suits in the agricultural sectors, and of course for some other sectors too. These tools are given much importance due to the flawless finish, as well as the sturdiness along with the durability. Also our products have great demand because of using highly engineered tools and all our VDI Tool Holders are easy to operate, and corrosion resistant.

Turning Tool Holders

Having the rich industrial experience, Spoorti is able to manufacture and supply the Tool Holder ‘N Type’ at the market value, and we work hard to offer our customers the excellent standard VDI Turning Tool Holders. Wherein, the product ordered by our clients is specifically designed by our talented researchers and engineers who deliver these products in varied configurations conditional on spike rotation.

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