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Area/Neighbourhood: Prenzlauer Berg


Acrobatics Class for Teens in English (13-16 years, 75 minutes)

Taught in English. Not a beginner level class.

Tuesday 18:15-19:30 · Studio 2

Join this fun, energetic, and structured acrobatics class. We will work on cartwheels, jumping into rolls, roundoffs, overall flexibility, handstands, and walkovers/handsprings. Classes include an energetic warm up and a cool down at the end. Participants do not only improve their coordination, flexibility, balance, fitness, and technique they also develop patience and concentration. Come and join a fun acrobatics class without any pressure of competition!

Level requirements: An intermediate-level understanding of acrobatic skills is required, such as rolls, handstands, cartwheel variations, bridges from standing, and front and back walkovers. This course is our highest level available. It should be understood that this class is not for beginner level acrobats.

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THE CENTER School of Performing Arts in English
Studio 1: Esmarchstraße 5, 10407 Berlin
Studio 2: Mülhauser Str. 6, 10405 Berlin | 030.40048440

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