Germany Based No-fee Brokerage App has Raised $67 Techugo

Price: EUR 10,000 / Hour

Funding amid Pandemic is a significant step!

Fintech startups hold the potential to mark a difference in the trading business, however, due to the sudden blow of Coronavirus has upended every business and industry plan. Now many out there are losing their jobs and it is hard to predict how faster the global economy will rise again.

Hence, receiving funding in such an environment is a big achievement in itself, and clearly shows the worth this portal holds. In the coming year, the online trading would be a new normal for the investors worldwide to plan their investments.

Final takeaway

The vision of the Trade Republic is beyond imagination and has paved a way for the mobile smart investment in the European market. It holds the potential to work on long-term savings, so there can be better access given to the capital markets, and this is where this platform steps in, and make it simple and affordable. The fast expansion of the Trade Republic in Germany helps in reflecting the worth of online trading over the traditional methods and is poised to be a major player in European trading land. With this hope there will be a much improved online trading system, I sign-off for today. Keep watching this space for more excitement roll-into your mobiles.

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