led headlight assembly for 2008-2018 bmw f800gs motorcycle

Enhance your BMW F800GS riding experience with a headlight upgrade. Improve visibility and style with a high-quality upgrade that perfectly complements your adventure. Upgrade your F800GS headlight today.

Model:F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F700GS, F650GS
Height:283.3mm/ 11.15inch
Width:128.8mm/ 5.07inch
Depth:132.2mm/ 5.2inch
Voltage:DC 12V
Power:35W@ High Beam, 25W@ Low Beam
Luminous Flux:6000lm@ High Beam, 4000lm@ Low Beam

Why Should You Upgrade the BMW F800GS Headlight?

Enhanced Visibility: An upgraded headlight provides brighter and clearer illumination, improving visibility in various riding conditions, especially during low-light situations.

Improved Safety: With better visibility, you can spot potential hazards earlier, increasing your safety on the road or off-road trails.

Stylish Appearance: Upgraded headlights often feature modern designs and stylish aesthetics, giving your BMW F800GS a unique and eye-catching look.

Longevity: Upgraded headlights are built with durable materials and advanced technology, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to stock headlights.

Easy Installation: Many aftermarket headlight upgrades are designed for easy installation, allowing you to upgrade your BMW F800GS without extensive modifications or complex wiring.

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