Holistic German courses

Area/Neighbourhood: Friedrichshain / Lichtenberg

You are invited to join German courses which will seek to involve both mind and soul in the process of language learning. We will meet in small groups of no more than five participants.

In the first step, we will find out which topics and areas of the German language are relevant and of interest to each of you. We will also speak about different (brain friendly) ways of language learning and about ways in which you - personally - can learn best. In the second step, we will draw up a plan for our work, which will take as many of your goals and wishes into account as possible.

During our work, we can include the use of role-play, images, rhythm and music. We may listen to songs that contain the grammatical structures we are working with, before we talk about the rules and use the grammar in converstaion. We may work with rhythm if it turns out that you find particular words or structures difficult to memorise, or we might use music to relax while listening to verb forms. The exact content of the lessons will be geared around your needs and goals.

Due to the current situation, meetings take place online.

I am a qualified teacher for German as a Foreign Language as well as a musicologist and music therapist with over ten years of experience in both careers.
If you would like some more information, just drop me a line!
I look forward to hearing from you!

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