Learn German with poetry and music - courses and workshops

Area/Neighbourhood: Friedrichshain

My name is Britta, and I offer workshops and courses that include the use of poetry and music to help you learn the German language.

During each workshop, we will look at one particular topic. Some workshops will focus on a grammatical topic and others will focus on speaking about the music and building up some German vocabulary. We will listen to German songs from different times and styles (traditional German folk music, classical, pop or rock music) that relate to the topic. The focus will always be on the German language.

During the ongoing courses, we can go into the language in greater depth. These courses are designed to offer a more comprehensive introduction to the German language than the workshops and will use both poetry and music to support the process, where appropriate. We can listen to songs that contain the grammatical structures we are working with, and also talk about the rules and use the grammar in converstaion. If it turns out that you find particular words or structures difficult to memorise, we can also work with rhythm. We might write new lines to songs or we can use music to relax while listening to verb forms. If participants wish, we can also do some singing - but there will be no pressure to do so! Our main focus is always learning the German language and music will only be used where it supports the process of learning this language.

The workshops and courses are suitable for people who have an interest in music and would like to try a different approach to learning German. No particular musical skills or training are required.

I am a qualified teacher for German as a Foreign Language. I also hold qualifications in musicology, German literature and music therapy. I have about ten years of experience teaching languages, as well as in the music therapy field (using music to help people reach various non-musical goals).

If you would like some more information and a more detailed timetable, just drop me a line!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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