Fractional denominations of gold and silver in the KMC.

Area/Neighbourhood: 2 Blks From Lrmc

Sharia Law compliant. Fractional denominations of gold and silver in the KMC.

Quick Overview:

15.0 x 8.5 x 0.5 mm

(45 euro per gr.)

This 1 gram gold bar is available for individual sale. Produced by precious metal specialists, Heraus. Consists of 1 gold bars with an individual weight of 1 gram. These bars can therefore be traded independently of each other.  Contains information about the 999.9 gold purity. All bars carry an individual serial number.

width:74 mm height: 105 mm thickness: 1,5 mm

(15 euro per gr.)

Silver Combibar is manufactured from 99.9% pure silver. The Combibar is sold  as separate 1 gram pieces therefore offering ultimate flexibility. Each 1 gram piece hold an official stamp certifying its quality and weight.  

The Combibar is produced by different manufacturers, but you are always assured that the Combibar you receive will be of the highest quality and superbly manufactured. Order today. Why waste money on lottery tickets? Own a piece of wall street you can afford and exercise custody over. Order now while this denomination may still be purchased retail. Market rate buy back on all sales. Sharia Law compliant. 

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