Airtron Ac Energy Saver (cuts Ac bills up to 35%-40%)

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Airtron AC Energy Saver (cuts AC bills up to 35%-40%)

Living in the tropics comes with heat and sweat. We have therefore embraced the air condition as an essential part of our life. The challenge with using an air condition is the huge energy bills we pay which leads to frequently asked question like: ’’Is there anything that I can put on my AC to cut electricity cost? Are there power savers for AC and are they genuine? Yehans has unravelled this issue with the introduction of an air conditioning energy saving device called AIRTRON.

What is Airtron AC Energy Saver?

Airtron Ac energy saver is the world’s first and only programmable energy saver for air conditioners that saves AC cost by 35%-40%. It is the world’s most advanced ac saver, with all the controls of a precision AC, and available at a mere fraction of the cost of a precision AC. The Airtron has been validated on all AC’s inverters, 5 star, Splits, Multi-splits, Packages, Ductables, Windows, Cassettes from 1.0-2.0 TR by such  companies as EESL(MIN.POWER), LG ltd., Tata Communications, Nestle, Videocon ltd etc.

How it Works

The Airtron’s dual sensor references the Room and Coil & Ambient Temp, and uses complex, multiple algorithms in a ‘’closed loop circuit’’ to reduce the compressor Run-Time, to ensure the high savings while maintaining and displaying the set temperature accurately.

Specification of Airtron AC Energy Saver

·         Two sensors, one for room temperature and one for coil temperature, and also references the ambient temperature

·         Two displays, one for room temperature and one for coil temperature & a remote to set the room temperature as required.

·         Led’s display compressor on/off status, as well and indicates when set room temperature is achieved.

·         Dual sensor based digital energy saver ensures on comprise in comfort

·         Easy, programmable 9-point menu to set above parameters & features to be  programmed by the customer, with a by-pass mode to measure savings

The Aitron AC Energy Saver is supported and distributed by Yehans International.

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