Buggy Drive: An Exciting Desert Adventure Begins Here

Price: 585 DKK/Day/Night
Area/Neighbourhood: Dubai

Dubai continues to entice visitors with its undeniable allure. The Dubai desert safari stands out among the numerous tourist activities where you can experience the traditional Bedouin way of life. Get ready to explore the most thrilling and exciting adventurous activities with the Self-drive 2000cc Ranger-Dune Buggy package.
Prepare for a thrilling 2000cc Ranger-Dune Buggy ride with OceanAir Travels. Embark on an amazing adventure with us and enjoy the thrill of an exhilarating Dune Buggy ride while admiring the stunning desert scenery, not compromising safety. You can also try your hands at sandboarding, where you will fasten your feet to the board and slide down the endless dunes.
Enjoy a breathtaking camel ride during the 6-hour evening tour while visiting the beautiful Al Khayma Desert Camp, where you'll be greeted with Gahwa; Arabic coffee, Gaymat; sweets, and dates. Traditional Emirati camp activities such as an Arabian makeover, shisha smoking, henna tattoos, and taking breathtaking pictures with the beautiful falcon will truly treat your eyes to a feast. Following the Tanoura and Khaliji dances, a delicious Arabic-style BBQ dinner will be served. The most spectacular stargazing session will provide an unforgettable experience.
Book our Self-drive 2000cc Ranger-Dune Buggy ride with other exclusive desert activities and take benefit of the pick up and drop off facilities to experience the excitement of a self-drive dune buggy ride and thrilling sandboarding along with an optional Al Khayma Camp visit.

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