Supplies, costumes, accessories, novelties, giftware and sou

With hard work and a dream, JUMBO GLOW LTD has grown into one of leadingdesigner, manufacturer, and exporters of amusement toys, decorated part

Supplies, costumes, accessories, novelties, giftware and souvenir Items.

Our products continue to be designed and created in China and hot sell in USA&

Europe. All of our products conform to US& EU standards and laws, includingpackaging and language

With a 45,000 square foot warehouse in China and a competent staff with manyyears of experience in researching in developing, JUMBO GLOW LTD will give youour customers, great service all of the time

To us, our customers are the key ingredient to our success and longevity

To speak with any of our over 10 representatives, please call us at our Chinese

Office number 0086(0)755-82336454 or send your emails [...]

On behalf of everyone at JUMBO GLOW LTD, we thank you for your continuedsupport and look forward to serving you for years

Yours Truly,

The Staff at

Jumbo Glow Ltd

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