Newborn photography in Budapest


It is an extraordinary experience to photograph new-born babies. My objective is to eternalize this wonderful, fast disappearing period of your child’s life in beautiful photographs.

To take pictures of a new-born baby is the most ideal at their age of 5-10 days. At that time they spend the majority of the day sleeping peacefully, so we can take cute sleeping photos of them. During photographing, which usually takes 2-3 hours, we absolutely take the baby’s rhythm in consideration, and we calm down or feed the baby if it is necessary.

I usually go to your home because I think it is more comfortable  and safe for you and the baby. I provide everything that is necessary for the pictures: clothes and props as well. I also take family photographs.

It is worth getting in contact with me even during pregnancy(in the 7th-8th month) if you want to have photos taken of your new-born baby. It is important to have time to talk about all the details, and to make an appointment for a day after the baby’s birth.



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 Linda Zsolnai

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