Handcrafted fine jewelry at our Exclusive Boutique Taj Santa

Coined from the Sanskrit word ‘ashva’, the name Azva symbolizes the seven vows every couple takes/says on their wedding day. Azva celebrates the wedding vows with 22-karat Indian gold jewelry designs that are resplendent. Formed out of seven strokes, the Azva logo manifests the promise of finesses and fine craftsmanship in gold.

The modern bijoux strikes a chord with exquisite seven vows inspired jewelry designed to have a life beyond the locker. The Azva gold jewelry is created to highlight the best of handcrafted skills. Shimmering inspirations of gold masterpieces, it is the jewellery story that evolves flawlessly well from an evening of cocktails to your best friend’s wedding. With an eye on creating the latest gold designs in jewelry, that pairs just as well with a saree as with that gown selected for the reception.

With wedding fashion and galas taking quite the turn with the century, Azva jewelry designs create a refreshed and revived look to showcase the fire in the luminous Indian gold jewelry, elaborate and intricate.

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