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Interesting Facts about Tanjore Paintings

Global Reach

The distinct Tanjore paintings are not an influenced form of art within India, they have also registered a global reach due to their uniqueness where the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London and National Museum of Copenhagen holds most of its collections.

Visual Treat   

The Tanjore Paintings are the real visual treat to watch as they get projected in a 3-dimensional view with multiple sizes.


Since the Tanjore paintings got originated from the rich Hindu culture, it doesn't mean that it portrays only the values of a particular religion instead it also depicts the pictures of other religions like Sikhism, Jainism and Islamism by elegantly presenting their temples.

Content Rich

Tanjore paintings are always content-rich where they carry out a deeply rooted story in their every single work.


Tanjore paintings always give importance to colour usage in every depiction and as a symbolic way of representation blue colour is used in creating Lord Vishnu's image the same as the white colour used to mention Lord shiva.

Inspiring artwork

Thanjavur Paintings has never failed to inspire the artwork around the world, and every time it got evolved it left a message of learning for artistic forms from other regions especially the Deccan, Vijayanagar, Maratha and even European paintings got inspired from Tanjore Paintings.

Go with nature

Even though some of the painters opt for chemicals to bring in glittering colours still there are people who stick with old traditions of using vegetable dye that helps to maintain the quality of the art. 

Uniqueness in every move

Tanjore arts are created with utmost special care by embedding gemstones at different positions that would enhance its uniqueness to a higher level.

Part of Celebration

The fame and glory of Thanjavur arts and paintings got well-established and now became the most demandable artistic piece when it comes to a major festival. People started to buy these ethnic Tanjore arts to celebrate their festivals in a most meaningful way.

Truly traditional

The Tanjore paintings are created with traditional values stick together in its every single move, before using plywood jackfruit tree’s wood is used as a canvas to craft the paintings.        

Tanjore Paintings is one of the top most paintings in South India. It is a native art of Thanjavur (Tanjore), Tamil Nadu. It is distinguished different from other painting because of its composition, richness, and vibrant colors. The painting is originated during Chola reign. We are selling all types of Tanjore Paintings in Chennai affordable price. Most of the Tanjore Painting depicts the gods, goddess, saints, and pictures depicting purana stories. Thanjavur painting is the only painting which have EMBOSS on it. Tanjore or Thanjavur paintings are been popular from 19th century during the Marathi invasion to Southern parts of India. Tanjore Paintings Online Chennai Tanjore paintings lost for more generations because of the materials used in it. We are bringing Thanjavur Paintings at your doorstep through online shopping. Buy the paintings online from Ethnic Tanjore Arts. Ethnic Tanjore Arts are very proud to present the traditional method of Thanjavur paintings in Chennai. Ethnic Tanjore Arts is a well-known place for shopping tanjore paintings in chennai. We are selling the paintings with reasonable cost. We make it possible for you to view all types of collections and helps you to choose the right painting based on your needs.


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