India's No.1 Water Dispenser


Watamate Turbo+ is India’s No.1 Water dispenser for home, hospitals, factory. With the rise in water pollution in India, Watamate takes its stride towards cleaner drinking water. Our goal is to ensure everyone in India is getting clean drinking water and reducing the common man’s workload in acquiring clean water through plastic water cans.

Features of water dispenser:

-          It has fitted in lithium batteries to make sure it works under the event of a power surge

-          It contains dual motors for dispensing water at double the speed

-          Compatible with almost every brand

-          The contents within the water dispenser is safe as it is dust and waterproof

-          Portability, meaning you can be placed anywhere

-          The material used is quality and is safe for all ages to use

-          The battery life can last up to a whole week for a small family

In India thousands of homes and workplaces have already purchased and use Watamate regularly. It is the ideal water dispenser in leading you to a healthy and prosperous life.

Like all our products, the Watamate Turbo+ automatic water dispenser comes with a 1 year warranty in case of any defects or damages, so you do not have to worry about a thing if it gets defected or damaged.

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