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Warehouse Equipment Rental / Leasing Options

Warehouse equipment is huge, and hugely expensive. If you’re just getting into the industry, it’s a large investment to make. Unfortunately, many facility managers make large equipment purchases only to find out the particular gear doesn’t fit their needs. There are so many options available for handling equipment and storage systems it can get confusing.

NewGenTech Solutions offers leasing and renting options for all our equipment. Whether you don’t want to commit to expending you capital, are in need of equipment for short-term purposes, or any other reasons, we can provide a renting solution that fits your budget. So how do you know if renting warehouse equipment is the right choice for you?

·         If You Want to Improve Cash Management

·         If You Want to Protect Your Assets From Risk

·         You’re Not Sure How You’ll Use Your Equipment

·         The Right Tool for the Right Job

·         AMC Service

NewGenTech Solutions has experience in a variety of warehouse and material-handling industries. We offer full services to warehouse facilities, including renting and leasing equipment, installation, equipment integration, and more. So if you’re considering leasing new equipment, we not only supply it – we can install it and integrate it with your existing systems.

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