High Grade Edta Products from Shivam Agro Industries

Shivam Agro Industries is a leading manufacturer of EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Sceto Acetic Acid) products in India like EDTA Acid, EDTA Disodium & Tetrasodium, EDTA Zinc & Copper, EDTA Manganese & Mg, Ca, EDTA Ferric and Dried Ferrous Sulphate. We provides food grade EDTA that removes harmful metals from the body, sodium and calcium slats of EDTA that are commonly used in foods and beverages, pharmaceutical EDTA which is widely used in medicine preparation to remove unwanted metallic materials from the body organs.

EDTA Products by Shivam Agro Industries

We provide EDTA Disodium Salt Dehydrate, having molecular weight 372.24 and applied as chelating and inhibiting agent of metalloproteases. Our EDTA Tetrasodium is one of the best cleansing agents having 452 molecular weight, 10-11 PH and used widely in various industries including food and Pharma industries, agriculture, construction and etc. We also provide EDTA Zinc that are used in preparing fertilizers to enrich the soil with Zinc. Fertilizer containing EDTA Zinc is good to insert in the soil having deficiency of zinc. Our EDTA Copper is highly demanded copper enriched substance used to increase the fertility of soil and crop production. It stimulates enzyme systems and metabolism in plant cells. Shivam Agro Industries is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of EDTA Manganese that is widely used to enrich fertilizer with manganese and given to the soil which is deficient with manganese.

Our EDTA Ferric is considered good for plant growth and maximum yielding of the crop and our EDTA Calcium is widely used in fertilizer for agriculture growth, Pharma and horticulture Industries. It’s a good source of Calcium used in nitrogen metabolic processes and reduce the diseased conditions in the corp. Shivam Agro provides the industry best Dried Ferrous Sulphate that is used in preparing high quality animal feed for better growth of animals and agriculture. As the name suggests, it is used in fertilizer to provide magnesium sufficiently to the soil that is quite useful in growing crops for photosynthesis, increases iron utilization in plants and act as enzyme activator in plants. For more information, Call us at below mentioned address-

Shivam Agro Industries
Plot. No. 134, 135, 136, 146,147,
Ranasan G.I.D.C., Ta. Vijapur,
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