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The best hair transplant clinic in India is amongst the most common cosmetic procedure treatment is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. There is a huge amount of confusion amongst hair loss patients regarding the choice of the clinic or the choice of doctor, choice of technique, assurance of results, and quality of service. We will try to simplify the situation and clear some of the myths regarding the same.


Plastic surgeons are trained for hair transplants in their training and are adept at performing surgical procedures than other doctors who do not know too much about the procedure. Training and experience and mostly not financial reasons should be the criteria to conduct a hair transplant. You should always select assured Plastic surgeons to perform your hair transplant to assure better results. Most big brands will have some doctor on the panel, who possesses huge experience with hair transplants. Thus, by choosing a big brand you are paying for the advertisements, publicity, pomp, and show also. It is more economical to select a doctor with a large experience. This also allows a more personal approach to the procedure and the follow-up is more satisfactory comparatively.


Hair transplant is not a temporary procedure; in this hair that is implanted is for life, and unless the doctor has harvested hair from a temporary zone the hair is bound to stay for a lifetime. This is because the hair in a fixed zone is resistant to the effects of DHT and thus removing the influence of the agent responsible for hair loss.


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