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Area/Neighbourhood: Ai 67, 3rd Floor, Street No. 29, New Town, Kolkata 700 156

The Business Consulting Firms in India are providing the clients based on India as well as abroad with the array of services based on the business type. They chiefly focuses on providing the best suited match for the requirements of the business firms. Norlox Solutions, one of the youngsters in the field has been providing successful outcomes with a proven track record to its clients in IT staffing and recruitment. From developing the customized business plans to achieving the objectives, it enables in helping out with the best employee suited for the business firm to make proper contributions leading to its growth. 


Norlox Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Address: AI-67, 3rd Floor, Street No. 29, New Town, Kolkata-700 156

Phone: 09123733535/03340622217



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