Online Cake Delivery in Noida by Super Talented Home Bakers

Homefoodi is a platform for the best bakers in noida who are passionate about baking.Cakes are all about personalization and customization and not standardization. You may visit any cake shop in noida and all that you get is standardization but not personalization. Everyone loves a cake that is baked to individual requirements.the 3 key reasons why people rate homefoodi as the best option for online cake delivery in noida.

1. TASTE & FRESHNESS: A home baker makes a cake only after an order has been confirmed unlike a cake shop that delivers ready-made cakes. Every cake order is freshly baked with the freshness and love only found in a home bakery

2. CAKE QUALITY: Home Bakers never compromise on quality as they serve their customers what they serve their family members. The assurance of quality is a hallmark of every home baker that can never be found in a cake shop.

3. VARIETY & CUSTOMIZATION: The variety of cake flavours and customization is what truly distinguishes a home baker from a cake shop. Home bakers are known to take all personal requests for cake customization like cake photo, change in favours, cake mixes, type of icing or fruits etc

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