Water Coils Manufacturers In India

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What are Water Coils?

Induction coils are water-cooled copper conductors created from copper tubing which is readily formed into the shape of the coil for the induction heating process. As water flows through them, induction heating coils themselves do not get hot.

At Katariyaa we produce a wide variety of water or fluid coils for numerous HVAC & R applications. We custom design coils for any fluid including refrigerants, oils, antifreeze, thermal oils or other solutions to meet customers & unique conditions. When recommending a coil design we take many factors into consideration. We will work with you to identify the material combination that is best for the environment and air conditions that the coil will be placed into. We will recommend a frame design according to the type of installation, the maximum area of fins and required fin protection.



  • OEM and Replacement Coils for Every Application
  • Cross Reference All Major Brands
  • Quick Response
  • Field Measurement Available
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fast Turnaround: 24 hr, 48 hr, 5 Day and 10 Day Ship Available


  • Commercial and residential air conditioning
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration
  • Mobile air conditioning


Cleanable water or fluid coils are also available.


  • Copper

Additional tube material available upon request.


  • Aluminum
  • Copper

Additional fin material available upon request.


Why choose Katariyaa Coils Pvt. Ltd.

Katariyaa Coils ia a Mumbai based manufacturer of Condensing Coils, Evaporator Coils, Chiller cooling Coils, Water Coils, DX Coils, AHU Coils i.e. Air Handling Unit Condenser Coils, Custom Coils, Display Counter Coils, Pharma Coils & Refrigeration Condensing Coils. We at Katariyaa Coils Pvt. Ltd. strive for supreme quality of products and customer satisfaction. We can manufacturer coils according to customer specifications & drawings.

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