Icd-10-am- Training & Certification

ICD-10-AM Training-10th Edition

HIMAA Australia Provides ICD-10-AM Certification.

There are 2 options

Option-A: Level-1 Certification

Step-1: Student has to clear the Medical Terminology Challenge Exam to appear for Level-1 Certification-Fees for Medical Terminology Challenge Exam is 360 AUD or 18,000 INR Payable to HIMAA


Step-2: After the getting qualified in Medical Terminology Exam, you need to enrol in to Level-1 Certification Program-Fees: 3600 AUD or 1,80,000 INR payable to HIMAA

Duration: 8 months from date of enrollment

Every month you need to take exam online-8-10 Exams to get the Level-1 certification.


Level-2 Certification: Must clear the level-1 Certification

Fees: 3600 AUD Payable to HIMAA-Duration: 6 months


Level-3 Certification: Must clear the Level-2 Certification with 5 years of proven experience on ICD-10-AM.

Fees: 3800 AUD Payable to HIMAA-Duration-6 months


Please make note that Level-1 is enough to get the Placement.

Medesun provides complete training-Online and Classroom along with required material.

MEDESUN DOES NOT provide any placements. All Exams can be taken @ MEDESUN-Hyderabad.

Training, application, processing fees etc are charges of Medesun-55,000 Payable in 2 installments



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