Battery Health Checkup @ 599 Rs Only - – An official online sales channel for AMARON offers a Battery Health Check Program to Automobile Owners Why do we get a body health check done at regular intervals of time ? This is to ensure we proactively detect any issues in our body and prevent any sudden failures of our body organs. Similarly an automobile i.e car has become an integral part of our daily life. The battery inside the automobile is a key component that needs health check at regular intervals.These regular battery health checks will not only ensure that there are no sudden break downs but also educates on how to take care of the batteries. It is not good when a car does not start when you are off to an important business meeting or a happy family trip.When you install a battery in your car, a warranty card is issued along with the battery. Batteries work safely within the warranty period. Once the warranty is expired, it is important to check the health of the battery and replace it if it is not functioning well. Check the warranty card and if the warranty is expired, you can sign up for a Battery Health Check with Batterywale service engineer will schedule an appointment, perform a battery health check and provides a report on your battery. This will take only about 10 minutes and can be done at your door steps for added convenience. You can also opt to take the vehicle to the nearest shop that Batterywale assigns to get this health check done. If a faulty battery is found during the health check, a new battery can be bought and installed instantaneously.




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