Robotics for kids in Parshant Vihar

Area/Neighbourhood: Parshant Vihar

Programming Club is an initiative of STEAM VISION Pvt. Ltd. to help little growing minds to change the world around them with their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics(STEAM). It aims at identifying and developing innovative skills with assured guidance and proper mentoring to make them future innovators & technology players. Basically, they learn how to design, develop and program self-sufficient robots to play a variety of challenges through STEAM Education.
Our Philosophy is based on a "Sanskrit Shloka": अमंत्रमक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलमनौषधम् । अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः॥ which means: There is no sound that is not a mantra, No plant that is not medicinal | There is no person in this world who is ineligible, inefficient, ineffective, what is lacking is a PROGRAMMER who manifests it ||
We, therefore, approach the young minds with firm belief within that they are ayogyah nasti. The Programs, the entire curriculum, the projects, and the workshops are based on Learning by Doing & Educate to innovate and all designed and devoted to code their innate and infinite potential into reality. We endeavour for shaping their Attitude, enhancing their Skill and building Knowledge by inculcating in them the art of Programming.

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