Sammy's Stellar Savings Saga a Journey to the Stars

Area/Neighbourhood: New Delhi

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Sammy in a small town. At the age of 15, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut but needed money for space travel. They received a weekly allowance after learning about financial literacy. Sammy's parents introduce her to savings jars labelled "Space Adventure," "Everyday Fun," "Savings," and "Emergency Fund."

To make saving fun, Sammy created a budget, listing the items she would need for her space adventure. Setting specific goals, he allocated a portion of his allowance for a "Space Adventure" jar. His parents encouraged him and matched his savings. Sammy resisted spending on immediate pleasures, understanding the power of delayed gratification.

Learning about compound interest from his grandfather, Sammy watches his money grow. Over time, they took up part-time jobs, earning more to accelerate their savings. With the support of his family, Sammy invested wisely and grew his money effectively.

Did Sammy become an astronaut after years of dedicated savings and family support, did he save enough money for his dream, did he have to let it all go? To know all this, read the whole story further.


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