Women Empowerment And Welfare Services In Delhi

Our NGO for women in dwarka delhi has been playing a crucial role in raising awareness about the multifaceted issues women encounter daily. From gender-based violence to limited access to education and healthcare, our organisation sheds light on the challenges that hinder women’s progress in the suburbs of Dwarka. Your contribution helps us and our NGO founder, Sandhya Singh, create campaigns, organise events, and spread information, ultimately fostering a global conversation that challenges societal norms and promotes equality.


MNG Tower, 2nd Floor, Plot no. A-2, Sector-17, Dwarka,

South West Delhi, New Delhi-110078

Call: +91-9560748636

Visit: https://www.saptashati.org/

Ref link: https://www.sandhyasingh.org.in/

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