Ample – A Personalized Ai Video Bots for Sales Automation

A video bot is an improved version of a chatbot it is a video of a person that shown to website visitors through the chatbot. it improves customer support & personalization as well as improves the conversion rate as they are drive users to take action, whether on the website or on the app.

What is AMPLE?

A personalized video bot developed by XcelTec, With ample you just need to go to the website or app & sales representative guides you for your desired products by screen sharing through video bot and easily you can buy any products from the ease of home. No need to go to shop or surf more and more that works for everyone and saves time.

Video bot does not only guide the customers but that helps businesses to sell more and improve brand loyalty, customer relationships and interact with customers in a way they thought was relevant to them, but new tools like chatbots (AMPLE) surely have taken personalization to the next level.

Benefits of Ample - AI based video bot

Ø Ample provides video interaction with integrated AI.

Ø Ample benefits both sales & customer service.

Ø Ample simplifies showcasing features through video chat and screen sharing

Ø Ample streamlines the sales process.

Ø Ample improves customer service satisfaction.

Ø Ample makes sales personal again.


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