Stock market Trading Course from Aapka Investment

Area/Neighbourhood: B 910, Ratnaker Nine Square, Opp. Itc Narmada Keshavbaug Party Plot, Vastrapur

Aapka Investment is the one stop solution for Stock market trading for beginners to teach them how to assess markets is also essential for those without previous experience. You will still need to take time to learn and monitor how to effectively carry out a transaction. Courses in Aapka Investment will teach you the essentials from opening a trading account and selling shares at various markets to specialist skills such as the trading of candlesticks and the optimisation of the portfolio.

Since 2009, Aapka Investments has aimed to educate the general public about stock markets and technical analysis, as well as to promote financial literacy in India. Mr. Hitesh Somani, a highly trained Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and seasoned broker with a in depth knowledge of for stock market lead the best qualified team of Aapka Investment.

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