How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From My Carpets?

Children love chewing gum. Fact. Even some adults love chewing gum, but fortunately adults are not quite as careless when it comes to dropping it onto the carpet. So, how can you remove chewing gum from your carpet? It's a question asked by many homeowners and a small spot of Googling will show you that there are hundreds of home remedies available on the internet, but do any of them actually work? The answer is 'probably not'. Some might remove the chewing gum but could end up causing long term damage to your carpet, and would not really count as a solution.

The most common method of Packers and Movers Ludhiana removing gum from your carpet is by using ice to freeze it and then scraping it away. This can be done by firstly vacuuming the area to remove any loose bits, then rub the gum with ice in a plastic bag until it is frozen and has gone stiff, then attempt to remove the gum with a spatula. As popular as this method is, unfortunately it rarely works and can often leave pieces of gum embedded even further into your carpet.

Another method to remove chewing gum which is rather obscure is peanut butter as some people claim that the natural oils from the peanut butter loosen the gum. I've never heard a success story with this method and if you did manage to get it to work - good luck removing the peanut butter stain! The same theory applies to vinegar and mayonnaise, you may be one of the few who succeed in removing the dreaded chewing gum, but then you are simply left with another food stain.

The only real way to remove chewing gum from carpets, whether they are old or new, cheap or expensive, is by hiring a professional carpet cleaner with a specialisation in stain removal. Not all carpet cleaning companies are able to remove tough stains, so before hiring, make sure that you ask if they will be able to do so.

Even though professional carpet cleaners are Packers and Movers Ahmedabad professionals and experts within their field, they are still human and there is a chance that the stain may not be 100% removed. However, a tip to help your cleaner is to contact them with full details as soon as possible - this will allow them to plan the best course of action for the stain.

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