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Things one needs to know about benefits of VLSI training concepts
VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) devices are now making their presence felt in every sphere or industry. Thanks to advanced technology, one can now find VLSI chips in cell phones, cameras, household appliances, medical devices and many such places. This sector, which is rapidly evolving with each passing day, has several lucrative opportunities and openings in verification based jobs, for candidates with strong fundamentals in hardware description languages and electronic circuit designing.

VLSI training for freshers benefits the prospective candidates in putting their skills to practice in the field of VLSI concepts. And, with technology growing by leaps and bounds in areas like process geometrics, product and feature innovations, there is a constant need for designing, developing and re-engineering integrated circuits. 
Nowadays, mobile phones bearing latest features are being introduced in the market, with regular frequencies and short intervals. This situation calls for a healthy demand for qualified and skilled engineers, who are well versed in VLSI, to work on these products. Hence, Cadence VLSI training offers a great scope and career openings in the specified industry.

Engineers, who are strong in electronic design fundamentals and possess interest in verification and designing of VLSI concepts and know about the right methods to apply these concepts, stand a great chance of witnessing a growth in their careers. According to research and studies, there are at least 20, 000 to 30, 000 engineers who are presently employed in VLSI chip designing and verification industry. And, there are around more than 2, 00, 000 engineers, who are currently working in the broader semi-conductor industry and hardware designing.

There is a high demand in this ever evolving VLSI industry, with big names catering to the industry. Engineers, with good VLSI developing and designing skills, are most sought after by these industries and have very good career growth opportunities. At present, there are around more than 150 companies catering to VLSI industry, with the number growing very fast with each passing day.
Jobs in VLSI industry are broadly categorized into four major areas, namely, VLSI verification for FPGAs/ASIC s embedded based designs, FPGA system design, FPGA application development and application specific integrated circuits (ICs). However, majority of the jobs in VLSI industry are verification based, especially for ASIC designs.

For prospective engineers to enter into renowned companies, they should possess good knowledge in System Verilog and Unified Verification Methodology (UVM). It is M.Tech graduates or those specializing in VLSI designing and development, who are most sought after and preferred by these verification based companies.

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