Find The Best Embryology Courses In Bangalore

Price: 240,000 INR/Quarter
Area/Neighbourhood: Jayanagar


GGIRHR stands for GarbhaGudi Institute of Reproductive Health and Research and is one of India’s premier infertility training organizations. It was started in the year 2018 and is headed by Dr. Asha S Vijay. She is the dean and scientific director of GGIRHR.

GGIRHR certificate course in Embryology is a one-stop, comprehensive training source for embryology education. We are committed to maintaining highest standards of competence in practice of Clinical Embryology and Andrology through training, and professional development. This training course provides an opportunity for  both scientists and clinicians, to gain theoretical and practical  knowledge in  Clinical Embryology, Assisted Reproduction Technology and infertility, including the intricate processes of human reproduction that are relevant to manipulation of fertility and new ways of laboratory approaches to treatment of reproductive disease.

This course covers both the basic as well as the advanced principles and techniques used in clinical embryology and andrology / IVF lab.

All trainers are highly experienced faculty with deep and vast experience in the field of embryology. Classes will be a mix of classroom training, PPT presentations, assignments, hands-on sessions, observation of cases, participation in live cases, online reading material and video based learning.

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