SalesBabu Online CRM For Pharma Industry

High-quality CRM with Value for Money. Best features at an affordable cost of other CRM platforms. Sales analytics were never to easy to configure - with SalesBabu Pharma CRM you can. Automate Sales Process. Extremely Easy to Use. Analytics and Reports. 

Our pharma CRM helps pharmaceutical companies to manage the relationship with physician, chemist, and hospitals. Win the Field Battle with WITH CRM For Pharma Industry. Capture leads from every touchpoint, boost conversion rates, and increase customer profitability. Equip the workforce with the tools to excel, drive collaboration, and track performance. 

SalesBabu Pharma CRM is a comprehensive solution that helps pharmaceutical companies in managing relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals, and healthcare societies. In the age of patent expiration & pricing scrutiny, pharma companies are increasingly facing pressure to build stronger relationship management capabilities to help boost prescription share and avoid legal hassles. This is the right time for companies to implement Pharma CRM software that can identify market shifts and respond effectively, thereby increasing competitive advantage. 

Benefits of SalesBabu CRM for Pharma industry - 

- Streamline the sales process effectively
- Complete tracking of Doctor & Pharmacy Visits 
- Monthly Tour Plan submission
- Online DCR Submission
- Complete Sales Process gets more transparency
- Monthly & Daily Expense management get automated.
- Managed Samples easily
- Automate everyday tasks:
- Improved efficiency
- Managing orders
- Upselling and Cross-selling
- Fast sales report (MIS) generation
- Competitor Analysis 
- Stock & Sale Statement 
- Sample & Gift Management

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