Book Safari to Bandhavgarh National Park with Wildtrails.

The wildlife of the Bandhavgarh National Park is truly the most dazzling parts of the Aravali regions. The Sanctuary is simply known for the various species of wild creatures and is best known for the preservation of the most astonishing tiger species. The presence of the abundance of tiger species in Bandhavgarh Tiger Sightings has drove many animal lovers in this explicit arena. Appreciate the wilderness hidden behind every rugged way of Bandhavgarh with the amazing wildlife tour in Bandhavgarh Reserve.


Why WildTrails ?

WildTrails is the world’s first and only company with Sightings Info (with 4 years data), analytics & predictability into planning Wildlife holidays. WidTrails have all the sightings info (more than 4 years of data) to create a predictive metric called the Sighting Index. WildTrails uses Artificial Intelligence to maximize the chances of Wildlife (Tiger, Leopard, Black Panther ) sightings. WildTrails uses the network of best tiger tracker experts associated with the particular zone of the park. WildTrails has sighting information from across all National Parks.


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