Mahalaxmi and Narayan workshop Workshop by Neetu Jha | Pvhh

Mahalaxmi and Narayan workshop connects the student with Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Narayan’s energy. And teaches how to heal finance and relationship related issues using their energies. In this class we also teach how to do channelling with Goddess Mahalaxmi and take her guidance for different issues.

This class cannot be described as it is just DIVINE EXPERIENCE and DIVINE BLESSINGS. The class if full of fun and learning. There are many miracles happens in the class.

This workshop will enable you: – 

  1. Align your energy Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalaxmi

  2. Teaches how to heal finance issues of self and others

  3. How to heal the relationship issues

  4. How to channelize the message from Goddess Mahalaxmi and take her guidance

  5. How to heal your energy system with Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Narayana energy

  6. How to talk with angel Mudra


Pushpa Viveka Healing home is keen to the service of humanity & kindness. Its main aim is to form the people understand their own religion and allow them to show their true self. Through our healing workshops we would like to attach with millions and many people and monitor them to align themselves towards their true divine nature, and once we are aligned to our true selves, we not only create the magic in our life but also help others to make magic in their lives. Neetu jha is the best and expert akashic reader. Contact now!


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